Net Preamble


Is this frequency in use? This is (call sign)

With Nothing Heard, this is (phonetic call sign), calling the Community Amateur Radio Club Sunday Night Net.

Good evening, my name is (name) and I am located in (village/town/city and county).

Is there any emergency or priority traffic on frequency? If so, call (call sign) now.

{Let up mic and listen for a call}

The Community Amateur Radio Club serves the community in the spirit of Christian living. We are dedicated to disaster readiness and living our calling of faith through helping our community. The Community Amateur Radio Club Net is a directed net. Please do not transmit without the permission of net control unless you have emergency or priority traffic.

The Community Amateur Radio Net meets every Sunday night at 8:00 PM local time. You can join us on the club repeater, 442.875 using a +5 shift on transmit and a PL tone of 141.3.

These nets are one of the ways that we practice handling health, welfare, and intelligence traffic and it allows us to test our equipment and improve our communication readiness. All amateur radio operators, regardless of club membership are welcome to participate. Comments concerning net operations may be directed to the Net Manager, Kevin,

When checking in please give my call sign, (call sign), let up on your push to talk button and listen to ensure you are not doubling.

{Let up mic}

If you do not hear anyone transmitting, re-key your mic and state your call sign, name and location. I am now ready to accept check-ins.

Are there any mobile or short time limit stations checking in? Please call(call sign) now. All other stations please call (call sign)

Simplex Only: Assign ANCS (alternate net control station). Repeater does not need this.– pass net to ANCS for relay check ins.

Log stations and acknowledge. Once you have the list of stations, begin calling them one at a time and ask if they have any words for the net and pose the weekly question for them to answer.

After the last station is done, ask for any additional check-ins.

Simplex Only: Pass net to ANCS to Announce closing.

The question to think over for next week is: __________________________________________________________________________

With no other check-ins or net business, I will now proceed to close this session of the Community Amateur Radio Club Net. We had <#> check-ins.

For more information about the Community Amateur Radio Club, please visit our website or visit us on Facebook “like” our page. This session of the Community Amateur Radio Club net is closed and we are returning the frequency to regular amateur radio use, 73 to all, Peace, God Bless and Goodnight.

This is (call sign) – Clear.